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How much is too much? How can I avoid salt? How do I know how much salt is in my food?

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How to measure waist circumference

Fat but fit Extensive American studies show that it is better to be “fat but fit” rather than “skinny and unfit”. In other words – an active person with some extra body fat lives longer then a coach potato.

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Benefits of regular physical activity

You know exercise is good for you, but do you know how good? Want to feel better? Have more energy? Perhaps even live longer? Find out how exercise can improve your life!

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How points for workouts are registered

One of FAQ (frequent asked questions) is how points/score for a vessel are registered. Please read the following.

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Measure your Heartrate

Let’s begin with how to. There are a variety of places you can measure heart rate but the easiest I found is along the wrist. Place both your hands - palm up - in front of you. Now take one of your hands and place the index and middle finger of that hand on the outside of the wrist of the opposite hand. The fingers should lie together on the opposite wrist about 1/2 inch on the inside of the joint, in line with the index finger. Feel for a pulse. When you find a pulse, count the number of beats in ten seconds and then multiply by 6. If you want to be more

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Why do I get sore muscles?

Our expert explains why you feel sore after exercising

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How much caffeine is too much?

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The Benefits of Vitamin A

The benefits of Vitamin A, and in which foods to find it.

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Team Sports

What are the benefits of team sports? How to incorporate team sports into your Training on Board workout.

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How to Measure your BMI

Confused by BMI? Here we explain what it means, and how to measure it.

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BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

What is BMR? How do you measure your BMR?

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The Benefits of Vitamin K

The benefits of Vitamin K and in which foods to find it.

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The Benefits of Vitamin E

The benefits of Vitamin E, and in which foods to find it.

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The Benefits of Vitamin D

The benefits of Vitamin D, and in which foods to find it.

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The Benefits of Vitamin C

The benefits of Vitamin C, and in which foods to find it.

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The Benefits of Vitamin B

The benefits of Vitamin B, and in which foods to find it.

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Do you have questions about diabetes? This article explains the causes and how to manage the disease.

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How to measure your calorie intake, and why you should keep count of calories.

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Using Objects On Board to Work Out

Think you can't exercise because you don't have access to training equipment? Think again, we have some top tips for exercising using everyday objects on board.

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Interval Training

To improve your fitness you need to train at a level that is at least 60% of your maximum pulse . Maximum pulse is the absolute number of beats a heart can do within one minute...

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The Importance of Breakfast

We’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, but why is that?

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Cooks Corner- Cauliflower Rice!

Make rice- from cauliflower!

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Stretches for back ache

Tight shoulders? Lower back stiff? This ones for you...

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Cooks corner- healthy snacks!

Snacks that won't expand your waistline

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Love your teeth!

Dental care at sea

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The 10 Minute Workout and stealth fitness!

Short on time? You can still be fit!

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Skincare for seafarers

Tips to take care of your skin

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What happens to my body if I overeat?

Overeating can seem harmless...but what's the hidden danger?

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Try Tabata: An explosive and efficient workout

Looking for something to shake up your exercise routine? Tabata is a fast, high-intensity workout which you can do just about anywhere!

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Check out CrossFit!

CrossFit is a high-intensity strength and conditioning program which can help you lose weight, build muscle, and live a healthier life. Give it a try!

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