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April 2016 Newsletter

April's news, in conjunction with Shipshape Health- new and improved newsletter!

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Use Facebook to motivate your friends

Use Facebook interface to motivate others.

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January TOB Newsletter 2017.png

January 2017 Newsletter

The top fitness trends to get involved in this year, including bodyweight training, outdoor exercise and smartphone fitness apps.

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Studies show positive effects of resistance training (read more)

Inactive adults experience a 3 – 8 % loss of muscle mass per decade. Increasing age is also accompanied by resting metabolic rate and fat accumulation. Studies show that 10 weeks of resistance training may increase muscle mass by 1,4 kg, reduce fat weight by 1,8 kg and increase metabolic rate by 7 %.

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TOB’s 1000th user – Mark Jun G. Caliat

Training on Board has now reached over 1000 participants. We recently tracked down the seafarer who took our user base to the 1000th mark to find out a bit about him and why he signed up...

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January TOB Newsletter 2016.png

January 2016 Newsletter

Extra tips for working out and healthy eating! Sign up to Training on Board to receive our monthly e-news.

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Training on Board User Experience

Users shared some of their thoughts with us...

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May TOB Newsletter 2016.png

May 2016 Newsletter

Awesome health and fitness tips!

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July TOB Newsletter 2016.png

July 2016 Newsletter

Summer fitness is here!

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August TOB Newsletter 2016.png

August 2016 Newsletter

Fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!

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April TOB Newsletter 2017 (thumbnail).png

April 2017 Newsletter

Find out how to assess your health by measuring your heart rate, brush up on some warm-up dos and don'ts, and try a wall workout!

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May TOB Newsletter 2017 (thumbnail).png

May 2017 Newsletter

This month, our theme is back pain - exercises to reduce lower back pain, tips for every day and guidance on safe lifting.

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June TOB Newsletter 2017 (thumbnail).png

June 2017 Newsletter

Find out what fitness myths you should ignore, and introduce yourself to CrossFit!

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February, March TOB Newsletter 2017 (thumbnail).png

February/March 2017 Newsletter

Strategies for stress, tips for boosting your nutrient intake, and a new efficient way of working out called Tabata.

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November TOB Newsletter 2016.jpg

November 2016 Newsletter

An interview with a seafarer, 5 exercises for you to do in a small space, and more tips on keeping fit and healthy!

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February TOB Newsletter 2016.jpg

February 2016 Newsletter

Extra tips for working out and healthy eating! Sign up to Training on Board to receive our monthly e-news.

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An interview with a seafarer

Shane, a captain from the Philippines, tells us how he keeps fit and healthy on board

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